3967 People Needed as Voting Organizers for Bangli Regency

The General Election Commission of Bangli Regency needed 3,976 people to be recruited as the voting organizers of this year’s regional head elections. There are a number of new requirements in the recruitment process for this polling organizing group. One of the candidates for voting organizers officers does not have comorbid diseases.

Bangli Regency General Election Commission commissioner I Wayan Sastrapuja, Sunday (04/10) said that apart from voting organizers officers, the General Election Commission also needed 1,136 polling station security officers. All voting organizers officers and voting place security officers will later be assigned to 586 voting places in Bangli Regency.

Photo 1: General Election Commission of Bangli Regency logo – Photo source: Twitter

Sastrapuja said, so far his party has started the voting organizers recruitment process. Recruitment begins with posting announcements on the General Election Commission website, announcement boards, sub-district and village offices and through social media since October 1. Furthermore, registration is scheduled from 7 October to 13 October 2020.

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There are a number of new requirements in the voting organizers recruitment process this time, namely that voting organizers candidates must not have comorbid diseases. This is evidenced by a statement letter. Age is limited to a minimum of 20 years and a maximum of 50 years.

It is different from the age requirement in the previous voting organizers recruitment, where the minimum age requirement is 17 years and there is no maximum age limit. “Why is it now limited because it is felt that the age of 20-50 years is the productive age for carrying out activities,” he explained.

Photo 2: Socialisation for voting rights in Bangli regency – Photo source: Ringtimes Bali

He continued that there was no test in the recruitment of voting organizers. After registration, the General Election Commission will carry out administrative verification. Then the results are announced for input and feedback from the community. If there is no input and response from the public, the General Election Commission will then determine the voting organizers candidates. “If there is input and response from the community, we will conduct interviews and clarification regarding the community input,” he explained.

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Stipulation is planned for 6 November. Once determined, voting organizers will then be given a rapid test. If there is a reactive result, it will be replaced.

Sastrapuja admitted that based on previous experience, the General Election Commission had quite a hard time recruiting voting organizers personnel. He said the public’s willingness to become a voting organizer was less popular.

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