6.428 Teachers in Badung, Bali, Will Get Swab Test By the End of December

As to follow the plan to reopen school by January 2021 Badung Regency Government conducts a big scale swab test on teachers and education personnel. This movement is also conducted by other regencies in Bali in order to determine the right time for school reopening.

Swab test on government personnel (Credit: Mufid Majnun )

Reported from Kompas.com, the chief executive of Badung’s Education, Youth and Sports Agency, I Made Mandi, said that 6.428 teachers will undergo swab tests by the end of December and soon be followed by 1.502 personnel at school and education agency environment.

On average, 300-400 teachers are tested per day since 2 weeks ago. The government has made sure the confirmed positives are under proper isolation in the quarantine center. Some of them have even finished their quarantine period

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This far, the result shows 70 teachers from 2.559 are confirmed positive of covid-19. The chief of Badung’s Health Agency said the current result indicates a low transmission of the coronavirus and can be a ‘go’ sign to reopen the school as planned.

“The positives are found among 2.559, after thorough calculation, the number is only 2,57 percent which is low,” He said on Wednesday (23/12/2020)

Meanwhile in the neighboring regency, Denpasar, the condition tells a different story. Data from the city’s Health Agency show that COVID-19 transmission rate in the city is at 26.3 percent, which they explain as 26 people testing positive for the coronavirus for every 100 people tested. 

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After considering not to reopen schools at the same time, now the government seems to agree on postponing the reopening until March 2021.

“Based on deliberations from relevant parties, we will postpone face-to-face learning until March 2021,” I Wayan Gunawan, the chief of Denpasar’s Education, Youth and Sports Agency said on Wednesday (23/12/2020) as quoted on the Coconut.co.

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