A British Man Got Arrested by Local Police in Bali

The Kuta Sector Police operational team arrested a British man named Scott James Deakin who is known to be 25 years old. Suspect Scott James Deakin was arrested some time ago in the Kuta area on suspicion of being involved in a fraud case involving a hotel and also an online hotel and resort reservation provider.

Head of the Kuta Sector Police Criminal Resort Unit, Iptu Made Putra Yudhistira, with the permission of AKP GAA Sector Police Chief Udayani Addi, Thursday (5/11) said that this fraud case was reported by I Ketut Wira Adnyana Putra (35). The crime scene was at the Gemini Star Hotel, which is located on Jalan Popies II Gang Ronta, Kuta, Badung, Bali. The chronology of the incident was mentioned by Iptu Yudhistira, on Tuesday (21/7) at 6PM local time, the perpetrator (Scott) checked-in at the Gemini Star Hotel and claimed to have made hotel reservations through an online application.

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After checking by the hotel, it turns out that the online booking was canceled by the company that provides online hotel or resort reservation services. “Canceled because Scott’s credit card doesn’t have a usage balance limit. But Scott remains adamant that his credit card can still be used and he promises to deal with the online hotel and resort reservation service providers, “he said.

After it was confirmed that his credit card could not be used, finally on July 31, 2020, Scott made an online payment or via bank transfer worth 3,720,000 rupiahs. The hotel was promised that the payment money would enter the hotel on August 1, 2020 at 1.10PM local time, but the payment was never received by the hotel.

Photo 2: Illustration of arrest

The perpetrator was repeatedly contacted via WhatsApp by the hotel, but there was no response from Scott, as if he was deliberately avoiding bills from the Gemini Star Hotel. Scott is known to secretly leave the hotel and his belongings in the room he is staying in. Only then was the case reported to the Kuta Police for further action.

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After receiving the report, Iptu Yudhistira and Ipda Unit Assistant Erick Wijaya Siagian and his team tracked down the perpetrators. The operational team then got information that the perpetrator was in front of a pharmacy, then the police immediately took action by visiting the pharmacy mentioned and making an arrest against Scott. “When the arrest was made, Scott was found to be with a woman. Then the perpetrator was immediately taken to the police station for questioning and legal proceedings, “he said

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