A Car Crossed a Slippery Road Got Turned Over

Residents were shocked by a car accident in Jalan Raya Kerta, Kerta Village, Payangan District, Tuesday morning. As a result, the Toyota Avanza with a DK 1312 PE plate driven by I Made Surama was reversed so that its position was sideways.

A number of youths from Kintamani Bangli who previously drove the car had to be rushed to Payangan General Hospital.

Photo 1: Residents provided assistance in a car accident that fell over in Kerta Payangan Village – Photo source: Balipost

The Head of Payangan Police, AKP I Made Tama, confirmed on Tuesday that he confirmed the existence of the laka. It was revealed that this accident occurred at a bend on the Kerta highway, just north of the Kerta village antor. “This accident occurred Tuesday morning at around 06.30 local time,” he said.

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Initially, Surama, who drove the car, was accompanied by two of his friends, I Nyoman Aris (27) and Wayan Raka Wardana (21). They rolled from the direction of Kintamani to the south.

When crossing Jalan Raya Kerta, precisely at the corner to the north of the Kerta Village office, it is suspected that the car had a tire slip due to slippery. The uncontrollable car ended up crashing into a shady tree on the east side of the road.

After hitting the tree, the car fell into the middle of the road. Local residents who saw this incident immediately provided assistance by removing the three young men who were trapped in the car.

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Photo 2: Slippery road sign – Image source:  Denyse Companies

As a result of this accident the condition of the car was badly damaged with a dented front. Luckily, the three youths in the car survived.

The three of them only suffered minor injuries and were immediately rushed to Payangan General Hospital. “The victim has now returned home because he only suffered minor injuries,” added AKP Tama.

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