A Car Fell Over a 15 Meters Deep Ravine in Bali, Passengers was Found Safe

A single traffic accident occurred on the Denpasar-Tabanan road, Banjar Tinungan area, Apuan Village, Baturiti District, Tabanan, Thursday (15/10). It is suspected that the car containing passengers is not careful, one of which is a toddler, aged three, plunging into a 15 meter deep ravine.

Luckily all the passengers survived the incident. From the information gathered, the car with a DK 1583 SG plate driven by Ni Nyoman Suhartini (58) at around 11.00 am local time drove from the east (Denpasar) to the west (Tabanan).

Inside the car, there were two passengers, Ni Nyoman Kumindari (62) and I Putu Govinda Putra Adijaya (3). Initially the vehicle drove down a slope, but arrived at the scene when entering the corner to the left, allegedly the driver was not concentrated.

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The car went out of control and entered the southern ravine of the road as deep as 15 meters. Driver Ni Nyoman Suhartini had to be rushed to Bros Hospital in Denpasar, while the other passengers, including a three year old toddler, were safe.

The Head of Baturiti Police, AKP Fahmi Amdani explained that the traffic accident due to out of control is fortunate not to cause casualties. “Two passengers and 1 driver survived. 

Including the toddler who was in the car was not seriously injured. Only the driver was referred to Bros Hospital because his left wrist was swollen,” he explained.

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He continued to say that he planned to take a tour from Denpasar. “This accident is purely out of control and the vehicle has been evacuated,” he said.

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