A Dead Whale Shark Found Awashed on Candidasa Beach

A whale shark was found dead stranded in the Candidasa Beach area, Bugbug Village, Karangasem, on Sunday morning (6/12).

The fish with the Latin name Rhincodon typus is thought to have been stranded since Saturday night (5/12). And only found out the next morning. When people come to the beach.

Whale Shark Found Awashed on Candidasa Beach
Whale Shark Found Awashed on Candidasa Beach

The whale shark weighs an estimated one tonne. Because of that, the process of evacuating the carcass is not easy to do.

The evacuation process was carried out by involving officers from the Marine Police Unit (Satpolair) of the Karangasem Police, the Natural Resources Conservation Center (BKSDA), and the Karangasem Fire Service.

“From observations, there were no signs of violence or injuries. His death was probably due to weather factors in the waters. But we are still coordinating with the BKSDA. We secure it so that no one takes part of it,” said Head of Satpolair Karangasem Police AKP I Gusti Gede Suteja.

Whale Shark Found Awashed on Candidasa Beach

He said the carcass of the Whale Shark was 4.5 meters long. According to initial reports, the carcass had been seen dead on the rocks by the beach where it was found at around 5.30am.

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The head of the Karangasem KSDA Resort, I Gusti Bagus Suteja, admitted that the shark carcass was very heavy. According to his observation, the fish was thought to have died a day before being seen by residents.

He added that the Whale Shark is a mammal that is protected by law. No one is allowed to take parts of his body. Whether fins, meat, or other parts.

The discovery until the evacuation process of the whale shark carcass clearly provoked the public’s attention. To prevent the possibility of the shark being taken by people, the BKSDA and other officials have hastened the burial.

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The results of the consultation with the Head of Samuh Hamlet, Bugbug Village, the officers agreed to bury the carcass at Bubgug Beach. The location is east of the discovery point. The location is also relatively close. To facilitate the evacuation process, joint officers make use of heavy equipment.

“We buried it so that it wouldn’t smell bad later. It’s a bit difficult to bring here (the location) using heavy equipment,” said Suteja.

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