A Man from Argentina Was Found Dead At A Waterfall in Bali

The unlucky fate experienced by a foreign national named Pablo Agusto, who is known to be 38 years old from Argentina. While camping in a protected forest area in Wanagiri Village, Sukasada District, he was found dead

It is suspected that the foreign national who currently lives in Ubud, Gianyar Regency, was depressed and was determined to take risky actions and was found lifeless. Information was collected in the field Tuesday, November 17th, the victim and about 20 friends were camping in the Wanagiri forest area on Sunday, November 14th.

Cemara waterfall in Bali
Cemara waterfall

When about to end the camping activity, the victim himself suddenly separated from the group. The victim went alone to the middle of the protected forest.

Until the participants left the location, the victim did not return. His friends tried to find him, but the victim was not found.

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This incident was then reported to the police and asked for search assistance from the national search and rescue agency for Bali province. After police personnel and the national search and rescue agency carried out a search, yesterday at around 11.55AM local time, the victim was found.

Man from Argentina was found dead at a waterfall in Bali
Man from Argentina was found dead at a waterfall in Bali

He was found in a lifeless condition floating around the puddle of Cemara waterfall, Sambangan Village, Sukasada District. The victim’s body was then evacuated from the scene. Currently, the body is temporarily deposited in the Buleleng public hospital.

Head of the Bali National Search and Rescue Agency Office, Gede Darmada, said that from field information before the incident, the victim was suspected of experiencing depression. Because of this mental disorder, it is strongly suspected that the victim was reckless in taking risky and dangerous actions for the safety of her own life.

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This was confirmed by a statement from one of the camp group participants who was still related to the victim. On November 16, 2020 the victim was seen running into the forest. The family and other groups then tried to catch up with the victim, assisted by residents around the location.

“The victim is thought to have suffered from depression, so she was determined to do something risky. Before being found dead, the family saw the victim running into the forest and trying to be chased. But it was not found. After we carried out the search, the victim was found dead,” he said.

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