A Man Missing While Fishing in Buleleng

Kadek Astawan (30) was reported missing while spearfishing with his five friends. Currently, the search and rescue (SAR) team is on the mission to look for him.

A Man Missing While Fishing in Buleleng. Credit: Jen Theodore

Astawan went fishing with his friends at 7 A.M by boat from Buleleng port to Rumpon Tiga Roda (fishing area) that located one hour away from the port.

Nyoman Sulandar, one of Astawan friends, realized Astawan is missing after four times diving, around 1 P.M. Nyoman and four others then were looking for Astawan. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find him.

Around 4.40 P.M, six personnel of SAR team Buleleng together with air and water police (POLAIRUD) and fishermen began to look for him after Nyoman’s report.

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The rescue team was using a rigid inflatable boat (RIB) focusing on Rumpon area. Yet until 6.52 P.M they still couldn’t find Astawan. The mission is postponed until today (27/01) due to limited vision and rainy weather.

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