A Single Motorcycle Accident, No Fatalities

Traffic accident happened at the intersection of Jalan Thamrin-Jalan Gajah Mada, Denpasar on Tuesday (12/8). It happened to a woman with initial AR (39) while giving a ride to her offspring APK (6).

It was reported that AR has epilepsy and it happened before the accident happened and became the trigger. Worried that the epilepsy will recur, a team from Unitlaka Satlantas Polresta Denpasar sent them home. “Both of them only suffered minor injuries. They were sent to Wangaya Local Hospital, after being treated, they were allowed to go home,” said Head of the accident unit of satlantas Polresta Denpasar, Iptu Luh Tiviasih, on Wednesday (12/8).

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According to Iptu Luh Tiviasih, it happened at 10.15PM local Bali time. The victim resides at Perumahan Permata Anyar, Lukluk, Mengwi, Badung, rode a motorbike from the south. When she was about to turn right (east), to Jalan Gajah Mada, her epilepsy recurred. The victim then lost control of the motorbike and fell off the motorbike.

Local residents saw the incident went on to help the victim before a few minutes later an ambulance came to take them to the Wangaya hospital.

Photo 2: Aiptu IB Bagiasa and Aiptu Ainur Ropik sent the victims home – Photo source: Istimewa

Anticipating a similar situation happened again, Aiptu IB Bagiasa and Aiptu Ainur Ropik sent the victims to their home.

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