Access Road to Tunggul Besi Temple Reopened

After being impassable for a long time due to natural disasters, the access road to Tunggul Besi Temple, Temukus Traditional Village, Besakih, Rendang, Karangasem is now starting to be crossed by vehicles to the temple area. Vehicles can pass after the road is opened again by the residents of the Temukus Traditional Village.

Photo 1: Access road to Tunggul Besi Temple reopened – Photo source: Balipost

Bendesa Adat Temukus Nengah Sindia, Monday (05/10) revealed that previously road access could be crossed by two- and four-wheeled vehicles. It’s just that, since 2017 when Mount Agung erupted, the access road or bridge to Pura Tunggul Besi was cut off by the cold land of Mount Agung. “Since then, the road can no longer be crossed by vehicles. The road is even overgrown with grass so there is no visible road access,” he said.

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Sindia added that after being hit by the Mount Agung lava flood in 2018, residents had built a makeshift bridge made of bamboo. And in 2019 the bamboo bridge was again replaced by using wood. This year, the access road to the temple has re-opened.

Tunggul Besi Temple Reopened
Photo 2: Photo source: Bali Express

“Now the road access is reopened. The road is also being widened so that now the road can be crossed again by motorbikes and cars to the top next to the temple. In addition to road widening, sewers, decker plates and retaining walls are also built. 600 million rupiahs came from the Bali Provincial Government which is managed independently by the Temukus Traditional Village,” he explained.

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