After Three Years, Motorbike Thief Finally Caught

A motor vehicle theft perpetrator was caught by criminal resort unit of resort police Buleleng. The perpetrator was caught through inspections of vehicle documents or locally known as Operation 21.

Head of Resort Police Buleleng, AKBP Made Sinar Subawa accompanied by Head of Criminal Resort Unit, AKP Vicky Tri Haryanto on Monday (10/8) said, this case was reported by victim, Putu Suardika (20) from Tukadmungga village on April back in 2017. Following the incident filing, police has not been able to uncover the case.

That was because the characteristics of the alleged perpetrator and evidence in the field was minimal. Therefore, the perpetrator was able to hide for 3 years.

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From the Operation 21 held at Jalan Kelurahan Banyuning, Buleleng sub-district on August 8 2020, the alleged perpetrator, Desak KAP (22) was riding the motor vehicle with plate license DK 6261 VX.

The alleged perpetrator failed to show the vehicle documents. Then police went on to inspect the vehicle and it looks similar with the characteristics the victim has ever testified.

Police then secure the perpetrator along with the motor vehicle. From the further investigations, the perpetrator admitted that it was a theft motorbike.

The perpetrator admitted that she took the motorbike to be used for daily usage. She seemed to be afraid and keep crying in front of the police.:

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