Allegedly Hit by Welding Sparks, Shop on Fire

Another fire case occurred in the area outside the Dauh Pala market, Dauh Peken Village, Tabanan, Sunday (6/9) afternoon. One of the stalls selling basic foodstuffs caught fire, allegedly the fire originated from the spark of the canopy connection repair work.

Photo 1: Location of fire – Photo source: Balipost

From the information gathered, this fire is the third time in the same place or location. Where the fire had occurred in the same place the previous year. This time, the fire is thought to have triggered the spark from the welding work to repair the canopy.

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Where at around 12.00 local Bali time, shop owner I Nyoman Wirayuda is working on repairing the canopy attachment near the storage area for merchandise such as drinks in cardboard boxes located in front of the eastern shop, then during the canopy connection welding process near the warehouse of goods storage done by witness Wawan Hadi Santoso did not pay attention to the welding sparks that fell into the warehouse, which was filled with drink boxes.

Photo 2: The community helps to save the goods – Photo source: Bali Express

The witness saw that there was smoke in the warehouse, then the witness opened the warehouse door and saw that the fire was already burning in the warehouse. His party also tried to put out the fire with makeshift tools and shouted so that the victim came out to check and was assisted by the community to extinguish the fire with PAM water and contacted the fire department. “Luckily, there were no casualties in this fire incident and the fire was quickly extinguished. Two firefighters came to extinguish it, the loss was interpreted as reaching 5 million rupiah,” explained Kapolsek Kuta Police Commissioner I Nyoman Sukanada.

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