Allegedly Stress Confirmed Covid-19, Patient at Nyitdah Hospital Kediri Went Rampage

Allegedly stressed because he was confirmed positive for Covid-19, a patient who was undergoing treatment at the UPTD Nyitdah Hospital Kediri went berserk since Wednesday (9/9) night. Even this patient who was treated since September 8 had scared a number of medical personnel on duty at the time.

As well as attacking a security guard who was trying to secure the patient. Nyitdah Hospital Director, dr. Nyoman Wisma Brata, M. Kes, was confirmed on Thursday (10/9) to confirm the existence of the case.

Photo 1: Situation at Nyitdah hospital – Photo source: Balipost

The patient with the initials DS came out of the inpatient room and went berserk. “Maybe because the patient in question is experiencing stress, causing a tantrum,” he explained.

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He continued, the medical personnel on duty had also been attacked by the patient so that some of the nurses on duty at that time became scared. ” Apart from attacking the nurse, the security guard on duty at that time was also confronted by the patient who was on the second floor position, “he said.

He said that the patient was currently on the second floor of the hospital. And it is suspected that the patient was carrying a beam. “The information is that he brought blocks,” he said.

Photo 2: Nyitdah hospital in Tabanan – Photo source: Balipost

In plain view, this positive patient’s condition looks fine with the naked eye. However, positive was exposed to Covid-19.

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His party also coordinated and reported the incident to the Head of the Tabanan Health Service and also the Satpol PP to secure the patient.

Regarding this incident, he admitted that he was very disturbed because he treated many other patients, especially those on the third floor. “There are patients on top who need oxygen, there needs to be control, as well as complaints. That is the problem, “he added.

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