Allegedly Under Influence of Alcohol, Motorists Killed in an Accident

A traffic accident occurred on Jalan Dewata, South Denpasar, Sunday (4/10). Motorcyclist Royc Mahendra (26) from Malang died in hospital after the accident occurred at the crime scene.

Meanwhile, the passenger who was carried by Royc, Ragil Advanta (25) was injured. This traffic accident allegedly occurred because the victim was driving under the influence of alcohol.

Photo 1: Scene of the accident – Photo source: Balipost

Head of the Denpasar Police Traffic Unit Accident Unit, Iptu Ni Luh Tiviasih, Monday (05/10) said that the incident occurred at 05.30 in the morning and the exact location was in front of the New Dewata Sidakarya minimarket.

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Chronologically, the victim rode a motorbike with Ragil driving from the north. On arrival at the scene, the victim could not control the balance allegedly due to the influence of alcohol.

As a result, the motorbike swerved to the right and the victim fell onto the asphalt road. Royc was injured in the right ear, bleeding, left hand, left waist and blisters under his eye. “The results of the medical team’s examination, the victim smelled of alcoholic drinks and died at Sanglah General Hospital.”

Photo 2: Illustration of motorbike accident – Photo source: Manado Online

Meanwhile, Ragil, who is a student and has his address at Jalan Nangka Selatan Gang Cendrawasih, East Denpasar, sustained injuries to his right waist, right arm, and left hand abrasions. Ragil was also found to smell alcohol. “The factors that cause traffic accidents are negligence and inadvertance due to the influence of alcohol, so that they lose balance, roll and fall,” said Iptu Tiviasih.

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