An American Women Deported from Bali After Her Tweeter Thread

An American citizen, Kristen Antoinette Gray a moment ago posted a tweet about Bali being cheap and LGBTQ friendly. Her tweets made some noise on social media and made her deported.

Gray and her partner, Saundra Alexander (Credit:

Kristen Antoinette Gray, an American graphic designer, once made the social media crowded through her tweets invited foreigners to live in Bali. Because of her unsettling tweets, She deported.

Gray has been in Bali since January 2020. The pandemic made her settle in.

Gray posted about Bali as the best place for foreigners. She mentioned in her tweet that Bali has a cheaper live cost and an LGBTQ-friendly place to live.

Not only referring to Bali as the ideal place to live, but she also linked her e-book business in the post.

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On her Twitter account, she posts “This island is amazing because of our high lifestyle with a much lower cost of living. I paid $1,300 for my L.A. studio. Now I have a $400 treehouse,”

Reported from, Jamaruli Manihuruk, Head of Bali Regional Office for the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, said that Gray’s post was made public messed up. Based on that reason, she goes deported.

“She stated that could provide easy access to Bali through recommended agencies and offer a low cost while living in Bali, comfortable and LGBTQ friendly,” Manihuruk said.

Gray through on her viral tweet includes an eBook reference for $30 and consulting to be an ex-pat in Bali for $50.

Image: gastricslut

Her tweet made the attention of Indonesian netizens. They are regret Gray’s behavior in being able to live and made money in Bali without a proper visa.

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Gray said that the reason why she goes deported is not related to overstaying her visa. But because of her statements and background as LGBTQ.

Meanwhile, Gray and her partner, Saundra Michelle Alexander, are in immigration detention while waiting for their repatriation to the United States.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Indonesia has restricted the foreigners’ arrival per 1st January, to prevent the virus’ spread. Also, public activities in Java and Bali be restricted.

Regarding the visa policy, Manihuruk urging foreigners to comply with the procedures. He also advised them to always comply with COVID-19 health protocols while in Indonesia.

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