An Englishman in Bali Found Dead

An old Englishman, William Hamilton Mackenzie (73) was found dead at his residence at Jalan Tukad Nyali Gang VIII A, Sanur Kaja, South Denpasar on Tuesday (18/8). It is reported that Mackenzie once went to Bali Med Hospital and diagnosed has gout and broke his leg from falling in the bathroom.

Photo 1: The body of Mackenzie at his residence – Photo source: Istimewa

Based on the information obtained, this incident is handled by Sectoral Police South Denpasar and Stiyo Pramito (31) as the deceased staff and Fenni Rosidiana (35) as the deceased maid are getting questioned. Stiyo was asked for information and said he has been the deceased staff since 2010.

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On Monday evening (17/8), he saw Mackenzie’s vision was empty and he refused to eat. At 22.30 local time, this man from Banten gave Mackenzie water but his condition was already weak. “The witness (Stiyo) had pinched the victim’s leg and there was still movement he then went to sleep,” said the source.

Photo 2: Illustration of ambulance – Photo source: Tribunnews

On Tuesday (18/8) at 05.00AM local time, Stiyo woke up and went to check on Mackenzie. When he checked on Mackenzie’s pulse, he was already dead.

As far as Stiyo knows, Mackenzie was addicted to alcohol and suffered a broken leg from falling in the bathroom in 2015. Stiyo delivered, and in June 2020 Mackenzie asked his maid to stay with him.

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However, the maid has resigned. The ex-maid met a family suspected to be exposed to Covid-19. Regarding the matter, the local public health center did a swab test to everyone staying in Mackenzie’s house, and the results came negative.

At 10.30 local time, an ambulance owned by BPBD Denpasar City arrived at Mackenzie’s house and the body was brought to RSUP Sanglah.

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