Another Probable Covid-19 in Karangasem Died

Residents who were clustered in the probable Covid-19 case in Karangasem died. This is the umpteenth time Karangasem has reported a probable patient who died.

From the information gathered, the patient who died was a resident of Ngis Village, Manggis district. The bodies of the residents were buried in Setra Desa Adat Pekarangan local village on Sunday (23/8) according to health protocols.

Photo 1: Covid-19 funerals – Photo source:

For his history, the patient who was initially treated at Karangasem Regional Hospital on Wednesday, August 5, 2020, experienced hepatitis symptoms that were identical to the symptoms of Covid-19. Then the hospital conducted a rapid test and swab before carrying out medical treatment and the results were positive for Covid-19.

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In that case, health workers advised patients and their families who had close contact with the patient to isolate independently. “The patient has not had a second Swab, but the patient quickly died. So that he did not have time to do further treatment. Therefore the patient is in a probable status, so the funeral process remains in accordance with health protocols,” said a police source who participated in the funeral process.

Photo 2: The funeral process of the probable patient in Karangasem – Photo source: Bali Post

Funeral activities for the bodies were carried out by a joint team from the Karangasem BPBD and representatives from the family using complete PPE. The ceremony was continued according to local customs. The number of representatives from families who participate in the funeral process is limited to around 20 people.

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