Approaching Galungan, the Price of Basic Necessities is Creeping Up

Approaching the Galungan and Kuningan holidays, a number of prices for basic commodities (sembako) began to increase. In several people’s markets, price increases have started to occur.

Photo 1: Kreneng traditional market – Photo source: Balipost

According to the Head of Industry and Trade (Disperindag) Denpasar City, Ni Nyoman Sri Utari, Tuesday (8/9), in monitoring prices, there was an increase in pork and chicken meat. Pork, which initially cost 60 thousand rupiah, now becomes 70 thousand rupiah per kg. It is estimated that pork will increase to 75 thousand rupiah due to increased demand.

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In addition, the price increase also occurred for chicken meat, from the current price of 28 thousand to 32 thousand rupiah per kg. For other basic needs, the price is still stable, there is no increase. As for the distribution and stock of needed materials, Sri Utari admitted that they were still safe and fulfilled.

Photo 2: Pork roll sold in Kreneng Market – Photo source:

“We can only monitor prices at Kreneng Market and Pula Kerthi Market for other people’s markets, which will be continued tomorrow and beyond,” said Sri Utari.

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Apart from approaching the holidays, Sri Utari admitted that his party also monitors the prices of basic necessities twice a week, namely Monday and Thursday. Monitoring is carried out before the holidays and every week to determine the progress of the distributor and the amount of stock of basic necessities.

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