Around 13 Thousand Passengers Arrived at Bali Airport on D-2 Tightening of Entry to Bali

The arrival at the Domestic Terminal at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport has increased ahead of the implementation of the Circular of the Governor of Bali Number 2021 of 2020 concerning the Implementation of Community Activities During Christmas Holidays and Welcoming the New Year 2021 in the New Era of Life in Bali Province, taking effect on 19 December 2020.

Stakeholder Relations Manager of I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport Bali, Taufan Yudhistira, said there were 10,020 passengers arriving at the Domestic Arrivals Terminal on Wednesday (16/12/2020), and 13,473 passengers with 102 flights (Aircraft arrivals) on Thursday (17/12/2020) 2020).

Arrival in Bali Airport for end year and new year holiday 2020
Arrival in Bali Airport for end year and new year holiday 2020

Meanwhile, data on domestic departures for the month of December 2020 until before the implementation of the Governor of Bali circular is:

  • December 1, 2020: 5,360 passengers
  • December 2, 2020: 5,261 passengers
  • 3 December 2020: 5,058 passengers
  • December 4, 2020: 6,083 passengers
  • December 5, 2020: 6,291 passengers
  • December 6, 2020: 9,203 passengers
  • December 7, 2020: 6,311 passengers
  • December 8, 2020: 5,200 passengers
  • December 9, 2020: 6,111 passengers
  • December 10, 2020: 5,705 passengers
  • December 11, 2020: 6,680 passengers
  • December 12, 2020: 7,595 passengers
  • December 13, 2020: 10,610 passengers
  • December 14, 2020: 7,451 passengers
  • December 15, 2020: 6,583 passengers
  • December 16, 2020: 7,494 passengers
  • December 17, 2020: 8,170 passengers.
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From the temporary data on the arrival of domestic tourists on Friday (18/12/2020) until 17.25 WIB, there were 3,224 passengers with 57 flight movements. Meanwhile, at the same time, 3,743 passengers were recorded to have departed with 62 aircraft movements.

Bali airport situation during covid-19 pandemic
Bali airport situation during covid-19 pandemic

Just to note, the Bali Provincial Government has revised Circular Number 2021 of 2020 regarding Domestic Travel Players who wish to enter Bali by air. Namely, it is mandatory to show a certificate of negative results from the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) based swab test no later than 7 x 24 hours (D-7) before departure, and fill out Indonesia’s e-HAC. Whereas before the revision, the policy was shown to be 2 x 24 hours at most (D-2). In addition, the policy will take effect from 19 December 2020, from the previous 18 December 2020.

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Meanwhile, Domestic Travelers who travel by private vehicle via land and sea transportation are required to show a negative result of the antigen rapid test, which is also revised to be at most 7 x 24 hours (D-7) before departure.

Arrival in Bali Airport in December 2020
Arrival in Bali Airport in December 2020

Certificates of negative results for both PCR and rapid antigen tests must be valid for 14 days from issuance. However, Domestic Travelers who are under 12 years of age are exempted from this obligation.

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