Aussies Prisoners in Bali Will Not Receive Family Visit This Christmas

A family visit to celebrate christmas in Bali’s jails will be banned, as a result of COVID-19 pandemic.

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According to Australian media outlet katherinetimes, there are total of nine Australian citizens who are currently being detained in Bali’s prisons. Out of these prisoners, only two of them will qualify for the traditional Chrismas sentence remissions.

Drug offender Brendon Luke Johnson and child sex offender Robert Ellis will both be awarded with the sentence remissions while other Aussies prisoners who either are serving the life sentence or still waiting for their trial will have no chance to get the remissions.

Johnson and Ellies are respectively serving four and fifteen year for the crime they committed. Both of them serving in Bali’s Kerobokan prison.

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The prisoners who are serving life sentences reportedly do not qualify for any sentence remissions which are usually awarded twice a year to all prisoners in Indonesia.

There are other Aussies who are serving in other prison in Bali or Java, and most of them convicted with drug crimes. Those who are serving life sentences, will not be awarded with remissions.

Kerobokan jail usually permit the visit of family in Chrismast time, however due to current critical condition cause by COVID 19 the regulation has changed.

“Christmas this year will be different. The prisoner’s family will not be allowed to join Christmas celebrations inside the prison. The celebration also will be held virtually,” Bali Law and Human Rights Ministry spokesman Putu Surya Dharma speaking to a media representative.

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Report from the prison official stated that there are some of these prisoners who were tested positive for COVID 19. Because of this the local authority seeks to protect all of the prisoners in this critical period.

Indonesia is known for its strict law enforcement towards drug crimes. The sentence includes death penalty. Currently there are more than one hundred prisoners of drug crimes waiting for their execution.

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