Australian Citizen Arrested in Bali for Producing Substances Similar to Narcotics

The Denpasar Police drug investigation team and the Bali Police CTOC task force led by the head of Unit 1 Iptu Budi Artama ransacked a villa on Jalan Beraban, Kerobokan, Kelod, North Kuta, last Thursday, November 5. The villa is occupied by Travis James Mcleod 43 years from Australia.

Suspect Travis James Mcleod produced substances that gave the effect of consuming narcotics when consumed. This material will be packaged in capsule and powder form and then sold to Australia as well as foreign nationals who are living in Bali or expatriates

The revelation of the Travis case occurred after members of the Denpasar Police drug investigation unit and the Bali Police’s CTOC task force arrested two drug couriers, namely F.X. Welly is 45 years old and Ngurah Mayun is 38 years old. The evidence of narcotics found was crystal methamphetamine weighing 0.86 grams, “said Denpasar City Police Chief, Police Commissioner Jansen Avitus Panjaitan, Wednesday, November 11 yesterday.

Australian citizen arrested in Bali for producing substances similar to narcotics
Travis James Mcleod and evidence secured at his Villa

The evidence that was secured at the villa where Travis lived was said by the Denpasar City Police Chief, including 5 jerry cans of chemical liquid, 7 bottles of chocolate suspected of chemical liquid, one plastic containing white powder, 3 pans of light green powder and 9 pans of chocolate dough. Also one pan contains green leaf shards and a plastic clip filled with dry brown flowers and 1 blender.

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Not only that, 2 pans filled with dark brown dough, 3 Tupperware containers filled with green powder, one large plastic containing white purple capsule, one white plastic clear glass bottle, one silver plastic containing white powder, 1 digital scale, 2 filters plastic and 4 plastics each containing a glass bottle.

Based on the results of forensic laboratory examinations, a number of items found in the home industry are active mitraginin, which is usually contained in kratom leaves and flowers and shipped from West Kalimantan, “he said accompanied by the head of the AKP drug investigation unit Mikael Hutabarat.

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However, these materials are not listed in the Minister of Health Regulation number 22 of 2020 concerning changes in the classification of narcotics. Therefore, this material cannot be investigated further. “Travis has been living in Bali since two and a half years ago and started the home industry for the last 6 months,” he said.

Meanwhile Willy and Ngurah Mayun were arrested on Jalan Mahendradata Selatan, West Denpasar while taking a package of crystal methamphetamine. The crystal methamphetamine was an order from Travis.

In the past week, the police also arrested 5 other perpetrators of drug cases. The evidence confiscated included 53.41 grams of crystal methamphetamine and 162 items of ecstasy. “As for the roles of the arrested suspects as dealers, couriers and patchworkers.

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