Australian Man Serve a Drug Case Sentence at a Rehabilitation Center in Bangli, Bali

An Australian man from Perth, Aaron Wayne Coyle is serving a drug sentence at Bangli mental health hospital due to his medical history of depression.

Aaron Wayne Coyle give a statement about his case (Credit: AAP)

Thursday, Coyle was in Bali’s court to hear the verdict of his arrest on drug charges in September last year. Coyle was pronounced guilty of drug use and sentenced to 10 months in a rehabilitation center.

He possessed 1.23 grams of drugs and was first inspected by the authority in Bali due to the pandemic. The judge found that Coyle was a drug user and has been an addict for the last 20 years.

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The medical assessment reveals that Coyle is suffering from drug abuse and bipolar disorder, so he needs medical and social rehabilitation. That’s the reason why Coyle doesn’t serve his sentence at the Kerobokan Bali Jail but is sent to the rehabilitation center instead.

As reported from, Coyle consumed drugs to relieve his pain. During the pandemic, he was unable to return to his country while his medicine had run out.

Coyle will get treatment at the Bangli mental health hospital. The presiding judge, Putra Atmaja, said that Coyle had a medical history of depression, so he needed daily medication. He added that Coyle wants to be free from drugs.

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