Badung Regency, Bali, Government Provides Free Wi-Fi Access For Artists

Badung regency government expresses appreciation to the artist community in Bali who keeps being active despite the pandemic that has affected their performance. The support is specifically given to an artist event held online.

Playing Music (Credit: Carlos Coronado)

Reported from Ringtimes Bali, the government has provided free Wi-Fi access for the artist community so that they can digitally be active and creative in doing their job online where many people can watch them.

“Let’s make use of the digital era to stay creative and also to do positive activities, like learning online. Apart from the artist community we also encourage the young generation to be a modern entrepreneur with digital media and create new innovations through the local wisdom,”  said Badung regional secretary, I Wayan Adi Arnawa on Badung PR report in Mangupura, Monday.

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To encourage the artist community, the government supports a ‘Worship Music Digital 2020’ event organized by Semal Megambel, Abisemal Community. Adi Arnawa expresses his appreciation for the artists who stay active despite the pandemic.

“We appreciate the Semal Megambel community for being active, innovative, and adaptive, during the pandemic and not giving up in the current difficult situation,” he said.

In the same line with the government, the chairman of the event community, I Gede Sastrawan, stated that it is very crucial to uplift the artists motivation so they stay active in doing their work.

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“Seeing the current condition, we want to revive the artists’ and musicians’ spirit to do their work. Our community provides space as well as mediation for artists and musicians in Bali to show their works which have been vacuumed in more or less than 10 months,” he said. 

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