Badung Regency Will Not Hold Year-End Party

The atmosphere at the turn of 2020 in Badung Regency will not be lively. The reason is, apart from the Covid-19 pandemic, the local government will also not hold large-scale parties.

“Yes, this year there is no New Year’s party,” said the Head of the Badung Cokorda Tourism Office, Raka Darmawan, when confirmed Monday (14/12/2020).

New Year Eve in Kuta, Badung
New Year Eve in Kuta, Badung

To note, the Badung district government usually routinely holds massive parties to welcome the new year. The party, which is usually enlivened by fireworks, is held not only to entertain the public but also to attract tourists to Gumi Keris. Usually New Year’s Eve celebrations are centered on Kuta Beach.

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Previously, the elimination of parties welcoming the new year was also eliminated in 2019.

“There are no activities this year because all activity budgets have been refocused on handling Covid-19. Badung’s current priority activity is the handling of Covid-19, “he said.

New Year Eve in Kuta, Badung

Besides that, his party also did not dare to hold activities because the Covid-19 Pandemic had not ended.

“For the celebrations held by hotels or restaurants, we are still coordinating with the Provincial Tourism Office. Currently, the province is still reviewing the party in the middle of this pandemic, ”he explained.

2020 New Year Eve in Garuda Wisnu Kencana Park
2020 New Year Eve in Garuda Wisnu Kencana Park

Regarding whether or not the new year 2021 party is allowed, this official from Puri Ubud, Gianyar, admits that he will follow the Governor of Bali’s decision later.

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“We are still waiting for the governor’s decision,” said Cok Darmawan.

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