Badung Regent Prohibit Hare Khresna

The emergence of belief schools in Bali, especially in Badung Regency becomes the attention of Badung regent, I Nyoman Giri Prasta. On Wednesday (5/8/2020), Prasta asked every traditional village in Badung to be able to filter the village activities so that it is not being contaminated by other interests outside of the traditional village.

Badung Regent Prohibit Hare Khresna

“I firmly ask the traditional village to strengthen dresta, awig-awig and perarem. Do not let other interests to use the traditional village facilities,” said Prasta.

According to him, he cannot prohibit if the other interests are making use of their private facility as a place to have an activity. “If they are using their own places, we cannot prohibit them. However, if they are using public facilities belong to the traditional village, I would suggest do not do such thing,” he firmly said.

Hare Khrisna

However, when being asked regarding the existence of Hare Khrisna who got rejected by Hindu community in Bali, this politician was reluctant to answer the question. He hands it over fully to Central Parisada Hindu Dharma Indonesia, due to not having capacity to support nor prohibit the mentioned faith school.

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It is previously reported that Hare Khrisna committed many fundamental offenses, such as disrespecting interfaith ethics.

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