Bale Piyasan in Ubud Got Caught in Fire, The Losses Reached Hundreds of Millions of Rupiah

A fire broke out in one of the residents’ houses in the Padang Tegal Traditional Village, Ubud Village on Saturday (3/10). The Bale piyasan in Wayan Astawa’s merajan was caught in fire. As a result of this incident, it is estimated that the loss reached around 500 million rupiahs.

Bale Piyasan Fire
Photo 1:  The Bale piyasan belongs to Wayan Astawa got caught in fire – Photo source: Balipost

Based on information gathered, this fire occurred on Saturday at around 10.30 AM local time. Local residents who had found thick smoke from the victim’s bale piyasan, immediately tried to extinguish the fire with makeshift tools. But alas, the fire on the bale roof made of palm fiber is difficult to extinguish.

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Not long after, Gianyar firefighters were deployed to the location. The head of the Civil Service Police Unit and the Gianyar Fire Department, I Made Watha, were confirmed to confirm the incident. His party received a report of a fire in a bale piyasan in Banjar Padang Tegal Mekarsari Ubud on Saturday afternoon.

“After receiving reports from residents, we immediately dispatched officers to the location to immediately extinguish the fire so that it would not spread to other buildings,” he said. In total, there were 3 fire fighting fleets deployed to the location.

Bale Piyasan Fire
Photo 2: Extinguishing the fire process – Photo source: Bali Express

He admitted that the blackout process was quite difficult. After about 50 minutes of extinguishing attempts, the fire was finally extinguished. “The fire was successfully extinguished at around 11:21 AM local time,” he said.

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It was ensured that the fire did not spread to other buildings. However, due to the incident, the victim suffered a material loss of 500 million rupiahs. Meanwhile, regarding the cause of the fire, he said it was still under investigation by police officers. “It is being investigated by police officers,” he said.

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