Bali Facing Possible Disaster at the End of the Year, Countermeasures Got Checked

Natural disasters are a shared responsibility. So that in overcoming it requires synergy and solidarity from various officials so that disaster management can run optimally. 

Bangli Regent I Made Gianyar said this while attending a readiness rally in the context of anticipating natural disasters in Bangli Regency which was held at the Bangli Police Ground on Tuesday, November 10. Gianyar said that no one can predict when and what kind of disaster will occur.

Therefore, equipment and personnel readiness are needed to cope with disasters that can occur at any time. “Personally, we are ready, in terms of equipment, it is also ready. So that the people of Bangli as a whole work well, because with regard to matters that must be protected by the government, the Bangli Regency Government with all components of the Indonesian state army and the Police will carry out this function. said Gianyar.

Bangli Regent doing some inspection towards the readiness to handle natural disasters
Bangli Regent doing some inspection towards the readiness to handle natural disasters

Even so, the community is still expected to always recognize, avoid and handle natural disasters in their respective areas.

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Meanwhile, the Head of Bangli Police, AKBP I Gusti Agung Dhana Aryawan, said that the purpose of holding the meeting was to check the readiness of infrastructure and personnel, both the Indonesian state army or the National Police or the local government who would be deployed to help in the event of a natural disaster in the Bangli Regency area.

Apart from that, another goal is to consolidate the existing strengths in Bangli Regency. “Through this meeting we also evaluate activities or deficiencies in disaster management so far,” he explained.

Agung Dhana also said that his party had built a number of posts. For Bangli District, the post is at the Bangli Regional Disaster Management Agency office. Meanwhile, in the sub-district, there are posts in each polsek or Koramil.

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Agung Dhana appealed to the people of Bangli to always be aware of natural disasters. Given that the Bangli region is prone to disasters, both forest fires, landslides and floods. “People must prepare themselves for the change of dry to rainy seasons,” he added.

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