Bali First Trial of Electric Bus

The Balinese people are expected to quickly adapt to the use of electric buses which are currently still in the trial phase. Bearing in mind, this program is a direct implementation of the vision for regional development of Bali “Nangun Sat Kerthi Loka Bali, through the Universal Development Plan Towards a New Era of Bali.”

Namely to harmonise and balance the development so that Bali’s nature is clean, the people are quality and professional, and the culture is well preserved and maintained.

“This clean nature is one of the supporters of environmentally friendly transportation, does not make pollution. So this electric bus is really good,” said Bali Governor Wayan Koster during the launch of the implementation of the Bali National Tourism Strategic Area transportation and the use of electric buses in Jayasabha, Denpasar, Friday (6/11).

With an electric bus, Koster continued, no smoke would come out and pollute the air. Because, black smoke from the density of vehicles passing by has the potential to make dirty air. If this is inhaled, it will definitely make humans unhealthy because it can cause health problems such as lung disorders, inhalation and others. Therefore, transportation in Bali must use clean energy so that Bali’s nature is clean.

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“We will direct motorbikes and cars with a directed zoning system. Starting in 2021, the plan is with this electric bus,” he explained.

“Later we will apply zoning for the use of battery-based electric motorised vehicles. In addition to this type of vehicle that does not emit smoke that pollutes the environment, this type of vehicle also has other advantages, namely that it is not noisy,” he added. Koster then added, Bali will develop a battery-based electric motorised vehicle industry that will not only used by local people. But it is also supplied or sold to other regions in Indonesia. In addition, the solar panel industry in Bali will also be developed by PT Indonesia Power and state power plant.

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According to Koster, this will also support Bali’s policy of being energy independent with clean energy in accordance with Governor Regulation No. 45 of 2019. Starting from powerplants, transportation facilities to household necessities, it is directed that everything is based on clean energy and renewable energy, minimum using gas.

A number of showrooms have now also started selling motorbikes using electricity or batteries. In the future, tourism areas such as Kuta, Sanur and Ubud must have clean and environmentally friendly transportation designs designed.

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