Bali Got Covid-19 Vaccine? Here is what the Head of the Bali Health Service Said

Bali has been badly hit by the covid-19 pandemic. The existence of the vaccine also gives hope for the recovery of the economy and life of Balinese people who depend on this tourism sector.

Confirmed regarding the Covid-19 vaccine was distributed to Bali, the Head of the Bali Provincial Health Office, dr. Ketut Suarjaya, Monday, November 9, said that until now there is still no certainty regarding the covid-19 vaccine. The vaccine is said to be still in the clinical trial stage.

“I would not dare to go ahead and state when the vaccine will come, because it is the authority of the central government, “he said.

dr. Ketut Suarjaya, Head of Bali Provincial Health Office

Suarjaya admitted that he is still waiting for certainty on when the vaccine will be given, along with the guidelines from the central government. Local government is only the implementer in accordance with the guidelines that will be given by the center. “The Head of BNPB will deliver it as soon as possible. But I don’t know when,” he explained.

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According to Surabaya, all vaccines are procured by the central government, not only for the covid-19 vaccine, but also for the vaccines for toddlers that have been given so far.

From the center, then distributed to the regions according to the target. For example, targets in terms of age and level of risk. “The hope is that all Indonesian people can get the vaccine. But it depends on the indication of the vaccine,” he added.

Suarjaya added that there may be people with certain diseases or from an age perspective that are not possible to be vaccinated. This is only known to clinicians considering vaccines are weakened viruses or dead viruses that are inserted into the body, such as the polio vaccine, the virus dies so there must be a detailed manual for its use. It cannot be arbitrary, “he said.

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