Bali is Energy Independent with New Renewable Energy

The International Energy Agency in collaboration with the Energy Market Authority held a Singapore-IEA Regional Training Program on Sustainable Energy for Smart Cities from 7-10 September 2020 virtually, with 250 participants from 27 countries in Asia Pacific who are members of the Organization for Economic Co- operation and Development (OECD) Based in Paris. This activity brings together policy makers, urban planners and academics to improve energy efficiency in cities and formulate policies to address urban energy challenges.

On this occasion, the Governor of Bali Wayan Koster was invited to deliver a speech at the closing ceremony of the Singapore-IEA Regional Training Program on Sustainable Energy for Smart Cities. The Governor of Bali was honored at the event because he was seen as an excellent leader in developing clean energy / new renewable energy.

On behalf of the Balinese people, Governor Koster thanked the organizers for the opportunity given to deliver a speech in English at the closing ceremony of the Singapore-IEA Regional Training. Governor Koster emphasized that the development of Bali was carried out with the vision of “Nangun Sat Kerthi Loka Bali” through the Planned Universal Development Pattern Towards a New Era of Bali. “This implies, maintaining the sanctity and harmony of Balinese nature and its contents to create a prosperous and happy Balinese manor life, from time to time to Balinese boarding and gumi life in accordance with Bung Karno’s Trisakti principles. Politically sovereign, standing on its own feet economically, and have a cultural personality through development in a patterned, comprehensive, planned, directed and integrated manner within the framework of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia based on the values ​​of Pancasila on June 1, 1945, “he explained.

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He emphasized that the new Bali era was realized by structuring fundamentally and comprehensively the development of Bali covering three main aspects; nature, manners and Balinese culture which are derived from the values ​​of Sad Kerthi‘s local wisdom. Namely atma kerthi (purification of the soul), segara kerthi (purification of the sea), danu kerthi (purification of water sources), wana kerthi (purification of plants), jana kerthi (purification of humans) and jagat kerthi (purification of the universe).

Photo 2: Photo source: Bali Tribune

The new era of Bali, continued Koster, contains the policy directions and programs of the five priority areas in the Planned Universe Development Pattern. The first field, food, clothing and shelter. The second field, health and education. The third area, social security and employment. The fourth field, religious customs, traditions, arts and culture. The fifth field, tourism. “The five priority areas are supported by the development of integrated and connected land, sea and air infrastructure,” he said.

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During his speech, Governor Koster received praise from Brian Motherway, Head of Energy Efficiency International Energy Agency Jonathan Goh, Director Relations Department of the Energy Market Authority and all participants. As Chin Hsien Cheng commented, the initiative from Bali was amazing. Likewise Hien Thu Bui commented that Bali was great for providing extraordinary inspiration, as well as other comments regarding Governor Koster’s leadership as a unique example and inspiring the world on how to harmonize policies at all levels to encourage the use of clean energy sourced from gas and renewable new energy so that the universe is clean, free from pollution, so that a healthy and quality community life can be realized

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