Bali is Ready to be One of IBL 2021 Host

Indonesia’s most prestigious Basketball League will be start in 2021. Bali United Basketball team were delighted and ready to be one of the host, also hoping the passion for basketball will rise.

Bali Untied Basketball Team (credit : Indosport)

Bali United basketball team ready to be host for IBL 2021 series, as the team itself just established this year in preparation for the 2021 IBL. The arrival of IBL 2021 will ignite the passion of sports, especially Basketball in Bali as well as soccer.

Bali United 2021 Basketball team squad

Bali United itself actually established in 2015 as a soccer team, in 2019 Bali United won Liga 1, and hopefully the establishment of Bali United basketball team will followong the footsteps of the soccer team. With high-caliber players on the bench such as Daniel Wenas, Tri Hartanto. Surely, Bali United basketball team didn’t want to be just a “competition sweetner”

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Interviewed by Indosport, Bali United Basketball CEO Philmon Tanuri said that there are willingness to be one of the IBL host. But they are trying to be realistic and accept the decision of IBL

“For the first series, we already know that it will be held in Jakarta. Meanwhile, for the second series are still being discussed. If possible in Bali, we are very welcome. Very exciting for sure. We can feel more comfortable playing at home base. But whatever the decision of the IBL, we will definitely accept its decision”

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IBL 2021 will be start on 15 January and the first series will be held at Mahaka Square Arena, Jakarta. Currently, all the participating team are already prepare themselves for the competition, that include Bali United who already start training since last month.

However, the IBL is still waiting for the security safety confirmation by the police. Philmon hoped that what the IBL Planned will go smoothly. “We hope that it can be on schedule, but with pandemic conditions like now, we aware of it. We leave it to IBL. Hopefully, everything will run smoothly,” said Philmon Tanuri

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