Bali Lose out on US$70 Billion for Implementing New Entry Requirements

The new requirement to enter Bali for the end of the year occasion caused many people cancelled their plan to visit the Island. Some business party deliver their disappointment to the government for the so sudden new regulation.

Airport (Credit: CHUTTERSNAP)

The leader of Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI), Hariyadi Sukamdani, stated Bali will receive a massive economical loss because of the new regulation.

“The impact to Bali’s economy reaches up to IDR 997 Billion (US$70.7 billion). The number is worth our attention” He said in the virtual MoU events between PHRI and AirAsia, Wednesday (16/12).

Accoding to The new requirement for air travelers to have negative PCR test results to fly to Bali has led to a reported mass request for plane ticket refunds, which amounted to IDR317 billion (US$22.4 million) from about 133.000 travellers as of yesterday.

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Haryadi adds that the government’s decision to implement the new regulation is so sudden. The circular was only announced on Tuesday while it will come into effect started from Friday.

The new entry requirements such as antigen rapid test and PCR test are relatively more costly. The government should have given prior notification before implementing them so the travelers can be prepared.

“Now it is hard to deal with the soft landing because the time is so limited. It is already 17th December, so the traveller’s already set their mind to ‘Not this year’. He said as quoted on Kumparan.

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In response to many criticism to the government’s new regulation, the governor of Bali, Wayan Koster, said the regulation were a joint decision with the central government and emphasized that the health and safety are always the utmost priority.  

“The main principle here is that if you’re going to travel then you must prioritize health. Not just for yourself, but for others around you.” He said.

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