Bali Regional People’s Representative Council proposed a free Rapid test and Swab test

The Golkar Party faction, the Bali Regional People’s Representative Council, remains steadfast in proposing that the implementation of the rapid test and swab test be made free. This was repeatedly conveyed in the general views of the factions.

Meanwhile, the executive stated that the rapid test and swab test have been free for tracing contacts and risk groups. “We have conveyed the previous general opinion, there has been no response from the Governor regarding the rapid test and swab test,” said the chairman of the Golkar Party faction of the Bali DPRD, I Wayan Rawan Atmaja when met after the Plenary Meeting of the Bali Regional People’s Representative Council at the council building. Wednesday November 18th.

Rapid test pack
Rapid test pack

According to Rawan, the proposed free rapid test and swab test for the community is inseparable from the economic condition of Bali, which is now deteriorating due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Never mind to do a rapid test, people are having difficulties to meet their daily needs.

Meanwhile, massive testing or examination of Covid-19 is one way to reduce the spread of the outbreak. “For that, we at the council emphasize the executive to budget for free rapid tests and swabs,” explained the member of Commission IV.

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Rawan added that rapid tests and swab examinations should not only be carried out on the sick. Bearing in mind, it is not certain that healthy people are free from Covid-19.

That is why, there is the term people without symptoms. On the other hand, his party understands that the swab test and rapid test are charged for travelers. “If people have the courage to go, automatically they already have provisions. But (swab tests and free rapid tests) are for our people, to be more diligent in checking themselves,” he explained.

Swab test process
Swab test process

The Golkar faction, continued Rawan, is ready to approve the budget allocation for swab tests and free rapid tests. In particular, through the Unexpected Expenditure budget allocation, which so far has been said to have tended to be unused.

Then, there are other budget items that can also be allocated for that. For example, the education budget because now students are still studying from home.

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With the hope, the chain of Covid-19 spread can be immediately cut so that people’s lives can return to normal.

Interviewed separately, Bali Provincial Secretary Dewa Made Indra said that so far, swab tests and rapid tests have never been paid as long as the task force handles Covid-19. The executive also continues to clarify this matter.

Checks that are charged a fee are for personal needs, such as travelers. “We, the Provincial Government, are still facing budget constraints to meet everyone’s needs beyond the interests of handling Covid-19,” he said.

Dewa Indra hopes that the pandemic will quickly pass. Moreover, the central government has stated that vaccination will be possible soon.

It is hoped that a cure for Covid-19 can be found soon. If drugs and vaccines are available, then half of the handling of Covid-19 can be overcome. “Regarding this swab test, if it still has to be continued after the vaccine, we will continue,” he explained.

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