Bali United CEO Remarks on AFC Cup Candidacy

Even Bali United is predicted to be one of the strong candidates to represent Indonesia on AFC CUP 2021. The Bali United Excecutives doesn’t want to get over their head. They believe that every team has the same chances as Bali United, they will hand over the decision through the PSSI Executive Committee Meeting.

Bali United, Persipura Jayapura, Persija Jakarta, Persib Bandung, Arema FC, Bhayangkara Solo FC, and Borneo Putra FC are the six candidates to represent Indonesia on AFC CUP that will be held at Doha, Qatar next year. This six-team has already earned their AFC Licences, as one of the conditions to be able to participate in the competition. Even so, Bali United CEO, Yabes Tanuri said that he would like to rely on the PSSI ExCo to decide the fate.

Kontroversi yang Mewarnai Bali United Juara Liga 1 2019
Bali United crowned as Liga 1 Champion season 2019/2020

As the champion of “Liga 1” Bali United should be the strong candidate to represent Indonesia in the competition. However, the decision is not in the BU’s hands. Rather, the decision will later be discussed in PSSI ExCo Meeting, which according to BolaSport the Football Association is still giving the time to collect the candidate names at least until 22 December.

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With the Exco meeting will be held on 16th of December, The fate for Bali United candicancy will be on the hands of the federation and its excecutive comitee. Therefore, Bali United excecutive doesn’t want to be overconfident, knowing that they are the last season champion and posed as a strong candidate to represent Indonesia in AFC Cup next year.

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