Bali United Coach asks for Continuance

The former Persija and current Bali United head Coach, Stefano Cuggura “Teco” ask the Indonesia Football Association regarding the continuance of Liga 1 which is still uncertain when the league will resume.

Bali United Tanpa Pemain Asing, Ini Kata Teco 

With the league is on halt, it is still uncertain when Liga 1 will be resuming. With most of the club allowing its players to work outside the football pitch, many coaches are concern about the player physical and mental condition. One of them is Stefano Cuggura or known as Teco. He asked the PSSI for the clarity of the competition schedule on 2021 as well as the regulation that should be announced earlier this month.

Pelatih Bali United Minta Kejelasan Jadwal dan Regulasi Kompetisi agar Diumumkan PSSI Desember 2020

According to Tribun Bali Teco, and the rest of the management would like to know the confirmation from the federation as soon as possible, so both management and the club could take any precautions.

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“When we have the informations from PSSI, it will be easier for us to compile the teams program” Said Teco on Tuesday (15/12)

Both PSSI and PT LIB as the league operator has not given any confirmation nor clarification regarding the league continuance. Many other leagues has already given their schedule for the 2021 competition. According to Teco, his fellow coaches in Malaysia has already begun team training.

Teco demands both the federation and the league operator to issue the schedule and the regulation for season 2021/2022 competition. so, the club can prepare the team both physically and mentally when the competition begins

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