Bali Welcomes International Tourists on September

Bali’s Governor, Wayan Koster stated that tourism activities in Bali will be open for international tourists on September 11th 2020. While citizen or potential tourists may ask if it is safe to travel to Bali in the midst of the pandemic, the government has done their job to answer this public dismay.

Bali has started to open its tourism on 9th of July starting with the local tourist and currently in the second stage inviting national tourist to come to Bali. 

Even though, there are still additional positive Covid-19 confirmed patient in Bali, Bali is confident to welcome the international tourists. According to the statistic data from task force team for Covid-19 as per August 3rd 2020, the recovery rate of patient Covid-19 positive in Bali is 85,7 percents.

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Bali’s Vice Governor Cok Ace also stated that Bali is supported by qualified medical personnel and adequate health facilities. “The government has appointed 14 referral hospitals all over Bali and 8 labs capable of conducting PCR test and/or Swab test,” he added.

Additional to that, the government has appealed all tourism aspects in Bali to follow the new protocol such as; providing a hand wash station with adequate distance, hand sanitizer at all entrance and exit, thermo gun, and other protocols necessary.

For international tourists who are planning to come to Bali, bring along a letter of statement of negative Covid-19 test results that applies for 2 weeks.

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