Bali’s Renowned Architect IB Tugur Passed Away

The famous architect of Denpasar’s Art Center, Ida Bagus Tugur, has passed away at the age of 94 last Monday (21/12). He is a reputable figure widely known for his architectural works for several strategic spots in Bali.

Ida Bagus Tugur. (BP/Istimewa)

IB Tugur who was born on May 29, 1926 from Selat Village, Klungkung, died at his residence, Jalan Siulan Tohpati, Denpasar, Monday (21/12) at around 19.00 (Bali time).

Upon the confirmation of his passing, IB Tugur was moved to his old residence in Griya Cucukan, Selat Village by his family. According to his family, his age was the main factor of his death. He has never suffered from a chronic illness. “It’s just that since the last three months, Ajik (father) seems more spoiled with mother. And lazy to move. But for disease, nothing. The main factor is his age”, explained his first son to a local media outlet.

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According to his family, the remains of IB Tugur was planned to be cremated. Ayu Widi Astiti, his fourth daughter, stated that cremation ceremony is to be held at the beginning of January next year.

Denpasar Art Center. (Adrian Suwanto/Radar Bali)

IB Tugur previously worked as a building draftsman for Bali’s Public Works Agency (Dinas PU) between 1944-1964 before appointed as a lecturer in Udayana University’s Department of Architecture and Fine Arts. He also established UP Astha Planning Bureau in Denpasar (Biro Perencanaan UP Astha) the following years.

According to balipost, not only famous for his work in Art Center, IB Tugur was also known as the architect of Renon district in Denpasar, as well as the governor office and Bajra Sandhi Monument.

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He has also reportedly designed TMII (Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park) and some part of Besakih Temple. He is a prominent figure who has contributed in designing many beautiful temples in Bali.

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