Be Careful During Recreation, or This Incident in Suluban Beach Could Happen To You

While having fun on holiday at Suluban beach, Uluwatu, South Kuta, suddenly 13 students were trapped by high tide. The incident started at 4 pm local time, Saturday 14 November when these students were having recreation on the beach, but until 7.30 pm local time they did not realize that the sea water was already high. As a result, they are trapped unable to get out.

According to the Head of the Bali National Search and Rescue Agency Office, Gede Darmada S.E., M.AP., after half an hour, the report on the incident was received by the Denpasar Search and Rescue Office. Once the report was received, his party immediately dispatched 8 personnel to the location.

13 Students stucked in Suluban Beach
13 Students stuck in Suluban Beach

Meanwhile, coordination is also carried out with other related parties. At around 9.45 PM the Rescue team of the Bali national search and rescue agency arrived at Suluban Uluwatu Beach and then coordinated with the Badung tourist reinforcements at the Labuan Sait post.

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In order to access the location, the joint search and rescue team had to bend over the rocks, because the tide was high. Seeing the condition that night and ensuring the safety of all victims, the evacuation process was carried out after the tide receded. “It has been confirmed that the position of 13 people is safe. We have discussed it with the family and other teams and it has been decided that the evacuation efforts are waiting for the water to recede,” he concluded.

After waiting for the water to recede at around 12.26 AM local time, the evacuation process was then carried out with all the victims in a safe condition. Then they were handed over to the family.

Suluban beach
Suluban beach

As for the identities of the 13 people who were trapped in the tide, namely Anggi Ritania, a 19-year-old woman, 20-year-old Tri Permana, 20-year-old Putri Budiantari, 19-year-old Ayu Suciningsih, 19-year-old Dea Shavira, 19-year-old Puspa Meitriyana. years, Nia Krisna is 19 years old, Anandita is 19 years old, Aprilia is 19 years old, Ayu is 20 years old, Tami is 19 years old, Bagus is 19 years old and Jaya is 19 years old.

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During the operation, it also involved search and rescue elements from the national search and rescue agency, Dit Search and Rescue Bali Police, South Kuta Police, Badung BPBD, Babinsa Desa Pecatu, Babinkamtibmas Pecatu Village, Balawisata Badung, Pecalang Desa Pecatu, Indonesian Escorting Ambulance, families and local communities. Darmada urged people who are active in the wild to also pay attention to safety.

If negligent, nature can be dangerous for humans. “We have to be able to recognize the possibilities that could happen, avoid the time that is too late, because visibility is getting limited and there is a risk there,” he advised.

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