Borehole Man Found Dead in His Boarding House

Boarding house on Jalan Raya Kerobokan Gang Subali, North Kuta, Tuesday (18/8) was flocked by citizens because someone died. The victim, Wiwit Nuryanto (28) a borehole man from East Java.

Photo 1: The boarding house where the incident happened – Photo source: istimewa

His partner thought he was sleeping. Head of Public Relations Division Resort Police Badung, Iptu Ketut Gede Oka Bawa, on Wednesday (19/8) stated, based on the testimony from Aldo Faldi Eko F. (24) on Tuesday (18/8) at 3.45PM local time he wanted to call Wiwit to go to work, making a borehole.

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When Aldo was at Wiwit’s place, the door was closed and locked, however the window was open. Aldo called Wiwith but there was no answer. “Witness (Aldo) tried to open the door through the window. He then opened the slot lock,” explained him.

Photo 2: Ambulance illustration – Photo source: Kompas Otomotif

When Aldo was already inside the room, he saw Wiwit was hanging on the bathroom door frame using plastic rope. His face was facing the north, bent legs, without wearing a shirt and wearing black boxers.

Aldo immediately told the boarding house owner, A.A. Kompyang Samudra. The incident then got reported to sectoral police North Kuta.

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