Christmas 2020 in Bali Without Decorations, Mass is Held Live Streaming

The 2020 Christmas Celebration this time was held in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, the celebration procedure and the atmosphere are felt different by the members of the Holy Spirit Catholic Church in the Cathedral, which is located on Jalan Tukad Musi, Panjer Village, South Denpasar District.

The head of the COVID-19 task force for the Holy Spirit Catholic Church in the Cathedral, Vitalis Alexander, said that the 2020 Christmas celebration is different from the previous year. One of them is that there is no Christmas committee.

Christmas mass 2020 in Bali done with covid-19 health protocol
Christmas mass 2020 in Bali done with covid-19 health protocol

“We don’t have a Christmas committee like the previous years. So for the committee, directly under the COVID-19 Health Protocol task force in the Cathedral Church, “he explained on Friday (18/12/2020).

In order to tighten the implementation of the COVID-19 health protocol, Alexander said the Mass was held live streaming on the church’s YouTube. In accordance with what has been done at Mass on Saturday and Sunday, so that congregants who do not meet the requirements for going to church can watch it through the live stream.

Christmas mass 2020 in Bali done with covid-19 health protocol

Activities in the church are also limited to the attendance of 500 people or about 20 percent of the total capacity of the cathedral. Then those who are allowed to attend Mass at church are healthy people, under the age of 65. In addition, pregnant women and children who have not had their first Communion are not allowed to attend Mass at church. Especially for congregants who have congenital diseases, they are expected to attend Mass by live streaming.

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The following is the schedule for Mass at the Cathedral:

Christmas Vigil, Thursday (24/12/2020)

* Mass I at 4.00PM

* Mass II at 7.00PM (live streaming)

* Mass III at 10.00PM (live streaming)

Christmas Day, Friday (25/12/2020)

* Mass I at 6.30AM

* Mass II at 9.30AM (live streaming)

* Mass III at 3.00PM

* Mass IV at 6.00PM (live streaming)

* Mass V at 9.00PM

Christmas Day II, Saturday (26/12/2020)

* Mass at 8.00AM (live streaming)

Tedeum Mass-Closed Years, Thursday (31/12/2020)

* Mass at 6.00PM (live streaming)

Mary, Mother of God Day-New Year, Friday (1/1/2021)

* Mass I at 9.00AM (live streaming)

* Mass II at 6.00PM (live streaming)

“As is already running, for the Saturday Mass, the stream is streamed once on Sundays at 6.00PM. But for this Christmas Mass on December 24, 2020, we will hold 2 live streams via the Cathedral youtube. There it can be accessed for people who have not been allowed to join Mass, ”he explained.

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Vitalis Alexander also said that in preparation for this Christmas, the 2020 Christmas decorations are not equipped.

“There is no. So there are no Christmas decorations either. No Christmas tree. No Christmas fruit. This is to avoid crowds of people for photos and so on, “he explained.

Christmas theme decoration in Bali
Christmas theme decoration in Bali

According to him, interpreting Christmas 2020 is different from the previous year. In the past, preparations for Christmas celebrations were filled with tents around the church and a Christmas committee was formed. However, during this pandemic, these two activities were not carried out.

“We also stick to health protocols. So from the beginning, everyone will have their temperature checked, stepping on the disinfectant we have provided below. Then for washing hands, there is a handsanitizer provided. And there is a guard distance in the church, “he explained.

The Cathedral Church, both the Parish Priest and through the Chairperson of the Environment and the COVID-19 Task Force Team requested that the congregation be able to follow the suggestions and appeals from the task force officers when they come to Mass.

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