Continuous Disaster, Badung Farms Attacked by Pests

Rats pests attacked a number of agricultural lands in Badung district. From reports that control plant-disturbing organisms, rodent attacks occurred in the areas of Petang and Abiansemal sub-districts and also North Kuta. reports from the public and observations from our plant-disturbing organism controllers there were rats in several subaks, “he said.

According to him, his party had sent Subak management to carry out eradication activities through control movements. Data collected from 9,593 hectares of agricultural land in Badung, an area of ​​which 107 hectares are attacked by rodents.”Together with Subak officials have carried out eradication activities through the control movement. However, I do not memorize the name of the subak because it is sporadic, but based on the data, the attacks occurred in the districts of Evening, Mengwi and Abiansemal and North Kuta,” he explained.

Ngaben Bikul
Illustration of Ngaben Bikul

In addition to carrying out the control movement, Wayan Wijana said that his party had coordinated with related agencies, such as the Cultural Service and regional revenue agencies and Pesedahan Agung to hold a Ngaben bikul ceremony. “We also together with the Culture Office and the regional revenue office will hold a Niskala effort through Ngaben bikul. This ritual has been carried out periodically,” he said.

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Separately confirmed by the Head of the Badung Regency Cultural Service, I Gde Eka Sudarwitha, confirmed that the Ngaben Bikul procession would be carried out on 19 November 2020. This ritual will be held on Pererenan beach, Badung.

The ritual takes the same process as Ngaben in general, except that it doesn’t burn human corpses, but the rat pests. The rat pests will be taken symbolically by the male and female sex. This is called Ngaben Jagat for all pests on land or community land in Badung, “he explained.

It is said that after the Ngaben bikul procession, the activity will be continued with a procession of asking for holy water at Parerenan beach. This holy water or Tirta will be sprinkled all over the rice fields owned by Subak residents. “After Ngaben, there will be a procession of float on the prerenan beach called nganyud. After the nganyud, there will be a nunas tirta event in segara or sea. Now this holy water will be distributed to all subak administrators to be sprinkled on all the rice fields,” he explained.

Rats symbolically being burned

With the implementation of Ngaben bikul, his party hopes that pests, especially in rice fields, can change so that they do not interfere with the crop yields of farmers. “When carrying out the procession of Ngaben bikul, we also mengastiti or prayed together so that pests, including the Covid-19 pandemic, would quickly pass and people could return to normal life,” he said.

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