Covid-19 Cases in Denpasar Keeps Increasing, Recovery Rate Hits Over 90 Percent

Additional cases of covid-19 continue to occur in the city of Denpasar. However, the number of recovered patients is still increasing.

On Sunday (23/8) there were 9 additional cases of Covid-19 spread across 6 villages / sub-districts. In detail, Dewa Rai explained that out of 6 villages / sub-districts that reported additional positive cases of Covid-19, Padangsambian Kelod Village recorded an additional 3 people, followed by Tegal Kertha Village which recorded an additional 2 positive cases.

Photo 1: Illustration of positive Covid-19 test – Photo source:

Meanwhile, 4 other villages / sub-districts recorded the addition of 1 positive patient each. Namely Padangsambian Kaja, Peguyangan, Peguyangan Kangin and Dauh Puri. Meanwhile, 37 villages / sub-districts did not add new cases.

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Dewa Rai further explained that the patient’s recovery rate continues to increase. It was reported that on Sunday 11 patients recovered.

Judging from the percentage, the recovery rate has now reached 93,64 percent. The cumulative cases recovered reached 1,430 people.

Photo 2: Dewa Rai – Photo source: Pos Bali Kritis

Dewa Rai added that even though they have entered new habitual adaptations with community activities starting to return to their routines, it is these new positive cases in the internal family, workplace and new positive patients that should be watched out together, given the high population mobility in the Denpasar city.

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