Data on the Spread of Covid-19 Cases in Bali

Covid-19 case in Bali is still increasing. The number stays at dozens of new cases. 62 new cases reported today (19/8) manifold local transmission. By the domination by the local transmission, the total cumulative hits 3.829 people (9073%).

In addition to that, of the total 4.220 cases handled by Bali, there are 85 domestic travelers and 306 foreign travelers.

Photo 1: Bali’s Pecalang giving instructions towards citizens who aren’t fulfiling the protocols – Photo source: The Jakarta Post

Noting the new spread case, only one regency that reports zero cases, namely Jembrana regency.

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Meanwhile, the biggest contributor this time is not anymore Denpasar. This time the biggest contributor is Buleleng. It added 11 new people to the case.

Second position is Badung and Denpasar with each contributing 10 new cases. Bangli sits on the third position highest contribution with 9 new cases. Gianyar added 7 cases, Tabanan and Karangasem each added 4 new cases.

For the recovered patients, there are 53 patients recovered from the virus making the cumulative recovered patients to 3.701 people.

Among the additional recovered patients, most of the recovered patients are from Denpasar with 14 recovered Covid-19 patients. Followed by Buleleng with 8 new additional recovered patients and Gianyar and Karangasem with 7 new recovered patients. Topped with Bangli with 5 recovered patients and Klungkung reporting 4 recovered patients.

Data on the Spread of Covid-19 Cases in Bali

Two regencies; Karangasem and Tabanan report 3 recovered patients as well as 2 recovered patients from Jembrana.

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There are still 468 active cases spread all over Bali. The top three regency/city with highest active cases are; Denpasar with 85 people, Badung 66 people and Bangli and Gianyar 58 people.

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