Daytime Robbery in One of Gas Stations in Bali

The robbery in broad daylight occurred on Wednesday, November 11 at 1.45 PM local time. The incident occurred at a gas station on the Bali Mandara Benoa toll road, Denpasar, with the perpetrator successfully carrying a bag filled with money.

Based on the information obtained, the situation where the incident occurred when it was quiet and the employees were gathering. Suddenly a man came riding an automatic motorbike and wearing an online motorcycle taxi jacket.

Daytime robbery in Bali Mandara Benoa Toll Road
Perpetrator pointed a gun to the female employees

Upon arriving at the scene of the case the perpetrator immediately pointed a gun at the two female employees of the SPBU Indrayani Desi and Ayu. Automatically, the two female operators ran away from the perpetrator. The perpetrator then immediately took the operator’s waist bag containing money and left the scene of the crime. “Three gas station operators were brought to the police for questioning,” said the news source.

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Head of the South Denpasar Police Criminal Investigation Unit, AKP Hadimastika, when confirmed, said that the case did not belong to his area but the Benoa Police, while the head of the Public Relations sub-section of the Denpasar Police, Iptu Ketut Sukadi, admitted that he was coordinating with the Benoa Police.

After the robbery incident occurred, the gas station on the Bali Mandara Toll Road continued to operate.

As for the information from the SPBU employee who was questioned by the police, when they were in action the perpetrator immediately focused on the bag containing money. “I thought the perpetrator wanted to ask for an address. He came and pointed a gun. Automatically we were shocked and immediately ran away from the perpetrator. Because of this shock, the bag containing money could not be taken,” said Indrayani and Sugiantari, Thursday, November 12.

Daytime Robbery at Bali Mandara Toll Road
Female operators ran away from the perpetrator

According to Indrayani, the perpetrator did not focus on them (Indrayani and Sugiantari) but the bag containing the money. “What is clear is that we saw the perpetrator wearing an online motorcycle taxi jacket. At that time it was indeed very quiet, if only there was a motorbike passing by, I would have asked for help to chase the perpetrator. After we shouted for help, the motorcyclist arrived,” he said.

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Currently, the case of daytime robbery at the Bali Mandara Denpasar Toll Road gas station, which occurred on Wednesday, November 11, is being handled by a joint team of the Bali Regional Police, Denpasar City Police and Benoa Police. Denpasar City Police Chief Commissioner Police Jansen Avitus Panjaitan said the characteristics of the perpetrators had been obtained. The loss suffered by the gas station was 3,150,000 rupiahs.

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