Denpasar, Bali, Government Not to Force School to Reopen Class at the Same Time

As to follow the initial plan, Denpasar city government held a coordination meeting preparing to reopen face to face school class for January, 2020. Every school is expected to operate normally by January under the valid health protocol but the education department considers giving more time for schools that don’t have proper health facilities yet.

Students (Credit: Husniati Salma )

Reported from Ringtime Bali, the Head of Service for Youth Education and Sports,  I Wayan Gunawan, stated that the reopening does not have to be done at the same time. The government will evaluate the schools’ readiness to reopen and allow the school to open based on the evaluation even if there is only one or two schools that can fulfill the standard.

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“As it is always planned, the normal face to face class will start by January, but we don’t need to force it. We have to consider the school’s condition, like the number of confirmed cases and the school’s preparedness in providing health protocol facilities,” he said

As the pandemic has dragged down all aspects of people’s life including education, reopening schools back to normal would spark hope for the society, especially the young generation, the students.

“Hopefully good cooperation from all parties can work properly so the normal face to face learning and teaching process during the pandemic can run smoothly.” Wayan Gunawan Added.

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In the same line with Wayan Gunawan, Denpasar regional secretary, I Made Toya, emphasized that the students’ safety is always the main priority and the students must be well prepared to adapt to new habits at school.

“If the school is reopened, the students, in the teaching and learning process, must follow the strict health protocol,” he said.

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