Denpasar Reported Records of Recovering Covid-19 Patients

Denpasar City again recorded an additional number of Covid-19 recovered patients. On Thursday (10/9) the number reached a record.

There was a significant increase in recovered cases, as many as 43 patients were recorded. “Update on the development of Covid-19 in Denpasar City, cases of recovery have jumped sharply to 43 people,” said Denpasar City Covid-19 Task Force spokesman, I Dewa Gede Rai.

Photo 1: Map of the distribution of Covid-19 cases in Denpasar – Photo source: Balipost

Unfortunately, there were 19 daily positive cases. These are spread over 8 villages / wards.

Dewa Rai detailed that of the 8 villages / wards that recorded the addition of positive cases, Dangin Puri Kaja Village recorded the highest increase with 6 positive cases. Followed by Sub-district Panjer and Sub-district Pemecutan which recorded 3 positive cases.

Photo 2: I Dewa Gede Rai – Photo source: Bali Express

Furthermore, Sub-district Padangsambian and Sub-district Sesetan recorded the addition of 2 positive cases each. Meanwhile, Ubung Kaja Village, Tegal Kertha Village and Dangin Puri Kangin Village recorded 1 additional positive cases each. Meanwhile, as many as 35 villages / Sub-districts did not record any additional cases.

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“Let’s together be more vigilant and disciplined in implementing health protocols, including in the scope of the household and the environment around the house,” said Dewa Rai.

Cumulatively, there were 1,928 positive cases as of Thursday (10/9). The number of recovered patients in Denpasar City reached 1,689 people (87.60 percent), 30 people died (1.56 percent) and 209 people (10.84 percent) who were still in care.

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