Despite Being Re-opened, Sangeh is Still Struggling for Income

Following the opening of Bali towards domestic tourists, tourist attraction Sangeh starts to be reopened to the domestic tourists as per July 31st 2020. Despite being re-opened, the number of visitors is reported much less compared to the pre pandemic period.

Head of the traditional village Sangeh, I.B. Sunartha accompanied by the deputy village head, Putu Nasib said since July 31st, quite a lot of domestic tourists have been visiting Sangeh. Mainly the domestic tourists came from Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Jogja, “for these two weeks there are 200 domestic tourists have been visiting,” said him Tuesday (18/08).

Not only domestic tourists, there are also foreign tourists who have been staying in Bali the whole pandemic period. Even though the number is very low.

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During the two weeks, there are only 22 foreign tourists. Far different from the pre pandemic situation where in a day, there could be thousands of visits.

Overall, local Bali tourists still dominate the visitor lists. Since the tourism spots in Bali have been reopened last July 9th, local tourists have been quite a lot visiting the tourist attraction Sangeh.

However, that being said it is unable yet to increase the income for tourist attraction Sangeh. So far, the income is coming mostly from the pre-wedding activities retribution. “Before pandemic, normally we would get income up to 300-400 million rupiahs per month. Now, since tourism has been re-opened with the new normal protocols for domestic tourists, the income is only 28 million rupiahs,” explained Sunartha.

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