Despite the Sluggishness of Tourism in Bali, This has Not Dimmed the Spirit of Creativity of Balinese Artists

The Covid-19 pandemic has not discouraged artists in Bali from creating art. In the midst of sluggish tourism activities, believers have not lost their enthusiasm for work.

In fact, many works were produced during this difficult economic time. Of course, in their activities, they continue to apply the Covid-19 health protocol by wearing masks, washing their hands and maintaining a distance according to government recommendations in breaking the chain of spreading the corona virus.

Old statue made of coconut shells
Old statue made of coconut shells by Balinese artists in the midst of Corona Virus – Photo source: Balipost

An artist from Lodtunduh, Gianyar, Bali named Agus Eri Putra and his friends are trying to adapt to the pandemic, by always creating creativity. As a result, a giant owl sculpture made from coconut shells is proof that the Covid-19 pandemic is not a barrier to keep being creative. Previously, he and his friends also produced a statue of Dewi Sri made of reeds. Which was previously recorded in the World-Indonesia Museum Records for biggest statue made using reeds. “Previously we made sculptures with reeds now using environmentally friendly materials that are widely found in Bali, namely coconut shells. The aim is none other than to utilise existing materials and hone creative ideas to keep developing,” said Agus Eri Putra, on Wednesday (4/11).

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It is said that in the making of the owl statue made from coconut shells, his party involved 8 youths in his village in a team called Surya Lodtunduh. About 8 large sacks coconut shells were spent to make this 100 kg statue. The dimensions of the statue are 250 cm wide by 110 cm high.

This statue is placed in Wira Bali Nguni, Kliki Gianyar, which is owned by Made Merta. The owl statue was made based on a reference to the Wira Bali Nguni logo or symbol. “The concept of making the sculptures has always inspired by making use of recycled and environmentally friendly materials. In our work we continue to apply the Covid-19 health protocol by always wearing masks, maintaining distance with one another and constantly washing hands with soap in running water,” said the record winner for the World-Indonesia Records Museum in making installations of Dewi Sri the greatest of these reeds.

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It is said, this coconut shell-based owl statue if placed in outdoor area will able to last for 7 to 10 years. Meanwhile, if placed in indoor area is expected to last up to 100 years.

Agus Eri Putra admitted that he was very happy with the work, especially since this work is the first work made of coconut shells. He hopes that the Covid-19 pandemic will soon pass and Bali tourism can return to normal so that artistic activities can be more stretched.

Agus Eri Putra also hopes that the handling of this pandemic will not be loosened together by always following the Covid-19 health protocol. In addition, always pray to God.

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