Disabled Christian Couple in Bali Held a Wedding Officiated by A Muslim

Julius Kai Luli Rianghepat and Mersiana Fatima were officially married on Friday (22/01/21). Held at the Cathedral Parish Church Denpasar Cathedral, they officially became a husband-wife couple. Their marriage is unique because it was officiated by a Muslim.

Julius and Mersi give their wedding vows. (Source: tribun)

Julius (31) and Mersi (28) got to know each other in 2015 through Facebook. They started with a friendly relationship until they committed to married.

Their relationship also had a problem. Both lost contact for two years. But God reunited them with a more serious relationship till Julius finally committed to marrying Mersi.

Even though both of them have eyesight disability, they can communicate to one another comfortably. 

“Cellphones now based on Android, equipped with accessibility by using voice, we can communicate using these features,” he said.

During their relationship, they met three times in different places,  Bandung, Salatiga, and Bali. 

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According to Denpasar City Government Radio (RPKD), Mersi worked in Bandung for the last seven years while Julius lived and worked in Bali.

Julius and Mersi have a story behind their shortcomings. Julius was born with normal eyesight. When he was two years old, he had a fever and seizures that caused him blind. 

Meanwhile, Mersi was diagnosed with cataracts at the age of 5 resulting to her eye’s low-vision.

Their marriage was officiated by a Muslim due to the Covid-19 circumstance, making it impossible for their parents to attend the wedding.

Julius’s parents are currently working in Malaysia, so it is hard to attend the wedding because there are a lot of requirements needed to fly to Bali. Meanwhile, Mersi’s parents in Ruteng, East Nusa Tenggara couldn’t come due to age and health condition. . 

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For that reason, Julius was married off by his uncle, Rahman Sabo, who is a Muslim. 

“Julius’ parents could not come because of the Covid-19 pandemic. They are guardians of fellow Catholics, but (they were) in Adonara because I was worried about the Covid-19 pandemic, (so) I became the officiant,” said Rahman.

On the same occasion, Romo Herman Yosep Babey, Pastor of the Cathedral, said that a marriage officiated by a Muslim is not a problem. In his opinion, the decision to love and live in a marriage is unlimited by religion, social status, etc.

Their wedding ceremony went well by applying the Covid-19 health protocol. On the special occasion, Julius showed his talent in music by singing a song for Mersi.

Julius and Mersi are example of a disabled couple with extraordinary love for each other.

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