Dozens of People Have Been Fined from The Covid-19 Health Protocol Raids in Bali

It has been more than a month operating in order to discipline the implementation of the Covid-19 preventive health protocol. During that time, thousands of residents were prosecuted for violating health protocols.

Dewa Agung Suryadarma, the head of the Civil Service Police Unit and the Bangli district fire department, said Thursday (15/10) that this operation was being carried out simultaneously throughout Bali starting on September 7. The operation is carried out every day by a team consisting of elements from the civil service police unit, the Indonesian army, the Republic of Indonesia police, the transportation agency and the sub-district head. The results of the operation are reported regularly to the center.

Suryadarma said that during the operation, most of the offenders were caught because they did not use masks properly. Like using a mask on the chin, and there are also those who keep their masks in their pockets when doing activities outside the home. So most of them have already brought masks. But not used properly.

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“For those who deliberately don’t bring masks, now we rarely find them,” he explained. Against the netted offenders, the team provides sanctions ranging from reprimands to fines. “Offenders who do not wear masks perfectly or bring masks but are not used, we still provide tolerance for social sanctions, we also ask them to sweep like in Kintamani yesterday, push-ups, and we also give written warnings. If there are violators who actually knows the rules, but doesn’t bring a mask and he is aware of the fine, we accept the fine,” he explained.

It was stated that the total violators who were subject to fines were 29 people. All fines that were collected with a value of 2.9 million rupiahs have been deposited into the regional treasury. “Lately, it’s been rare for offenders to be fined. Lastly, there was 1 person about 3 or 4 days ago,” he said.

Meanwhile, according to Suryadarma, most of the existing businesses have complied with health protocols. Such as providing a place to wash hands and provide other accessories.

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What still needs to be improved is the control of the distance. “We have reminded business actors to understand the capacity of their business premises. How much is their capacity to accommodate. If it is full so they do not receive another visit or ask visitors to queue,” he explained. Suryadarma said that the operation in order to discipline the public to implement the Covid-19 preventive health protocol will continue until the Covid-19 pandemic ends. Or until there are further instructions from the central, provincial or district government.

He also appealed to all people to always be disciplined to comply with the Covid-19 preventive health protocol. “Although currently the development of cases has started to decline and hopefully this decline can be continued to be suppressed, we urge the public to remain disciplined in implementing health protocols. So that we hope that health can be guaranteed, economic growth can run in the community,” he hoped.

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